Preparation can save you time and money. Look at your house from a
buyer's perspective to determine what repairs you would need in order
to make it more attractive to potential buyers.
Interior of House:
• Don't clutter area with too many furnitures
• Clean carpet, floor, window blind and curtain
• Clean fireplace and remove smoke stains
• Repair damage walls and determine if interior needs painting

• Clean countertop and repair any broken tile
• Keep kitchen appliances clean and grease free
• Clean sink and repair leaking faucet
• Organize the whole kitchen neatly

• Clean mirror, glass, chrome surfaces, sink, and bathtub
• Replace shower curtain if necessary
• Repair plumbing or leaking faucet

• Doors and drawers should not squeak or loose
• Repair broken shelves
• Organize items in closet

• Clean or wash the floor
• Organize and remove clutter objects to create space

General Appliances:
• Clean furnace and replace filter if necessary
• Clean air condition unit
• Secure water heater with earthquake bracing
• Install required smoke detectors

Exterior of house:
• Exterior lighting need to be in working condition
• Wash the exterior of house; determine exterior needs painting
• Clean steps and patio area
• Repair loose trim, awning, and rain gutter
• Clean windows and repairs any broken screen

• Mow the lawn, plug the weed, and water the plants to keep them healthy
• Keep patio and out door furnitures neat and clean
• Wash driveway and walkway
• Repair broken fence, repaint or apply touch up paint if needed
Make Your Home Shine
Seller's Property Checklist
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